Copper Busbar

  • Copper Busbar
  • Copper Busbar
SARMAKİNA A.Ş. offers wide range flexible and solid copper / aluminium busbars , copper plates , copper components, insulated copper busbars and assembled busbar kits.
Ready to use
Saving process cast and time
Zero inventory level
Prompt delivery
We continuously re-evaluate our production systems and make investments in equipment to make us faster and more cost-effective.
Our strategy is to ensure quality of copper component first, then look for
ways to make the production in most cost efficient way.
We are using shears, saws, presses and slotting, tapping, punching, bending machines and MIG welding in our process.
Copper busbars are controled at the stage of procurement with some testes before the process in production line  . These quality tested mainly consist of Electrical conductivity , hardness, elongation and surface compliance testes .  
During production / processing coppers  , the products are being controlled in every stage of production process.
Our aim is to ensure Customer satisfaction in terms of quality.
Machined Busbar
Copper Busbar Insulated Assembled Busbar